book, music, and lyrics by Adam Gwon

When Deb loses her most precious possession--the notes to her graduate thesis--she unwittingly starts a chain of events that turns the ordinary days of four New Yorkers into something extraordinary. Told through a series of intricately connected songs and vignettes, Ordinary Days is an original musical about growing up and enjoying the view. [2M, 2F; no intermission]


book by Julia Jordan and Sheri Wilner, lyrics by Julia Jordan and Adam Gwon, music by Adam Gwon / based on the play "Bake Off" by Sheri Wilner

It’‘s the 50th Annual Millberry Cake Off. The legendary jackpot: one million dollars for the best homemade sugary delight. After a chilly pre-heating, hardy contestants Paul and Rita don their aprons, strap on their oven mitts and square off. Armed with whisks, bowls, knives and eggs, the two engage in an increasingly ludicrous all-out brawl…– and only one can remain standing when the timer dings. [3M, 1F; no intermission]


book by Joe Meno, music and lyrics by Adam Gwon / based on the novel by Joe Meno

After a childhood full of wonder, Billy Argo, boy detective, faces a mystery he can't comprehend: the shocking death of his younger sister and crime-solving partner, Caroline. Ten years later, 30-year-old Billy returns to his hometown determined to solve the mystery and right old wrongs--but what he discovers instead is a world full of unimaginable strangeness, beauty, and love. [6M, 4F; one intermission]


book and lyrics by Octavio Solis, music and lyrics by Adam Gwon

Monica's head is in the clouds most of the time--she takes photos of them and pastes them in a book, trying to capture them before they're gone. But when she discovers her mother in a tryst with a stranger, her entire life begins to feel as ephemeral and unreliable as a cloud. She decides to investigate the mystery of her mother's secret life and the man at its center--but the deeper she goes, the more lost Monica becomes in the labyrinth of her own heart. A new musical drama about desire and its transgressions. [3M, 2F; one intermission]


book by Sarah Hammond, music and lyrics by Adam Gwon

A workaholic Greek god gets tangled up with a security guard in the basement of the tallest building in the world. One mistake leads to another - a lost pair of scissors, a kiss, a stolen string - and soon Atropos is breaking her own rules to offer forever to an ordinary man. Can the fabric of the universe stand a flaw? An original musical about the three Fates in the modern city. [4M, 6F (flex); one intermission]


book and lyrics by Julia Jordan, music and lyrics by Adam Gwon / based on the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald

It’s the summer of 1912, and the teenagers of St. Paul, MN are abuzz with the arrival of Bernice Harvey – the cousin of Marjorie, the most popular girl in town. When Bernice turns out to be a dud, Marjorie makes it her mission to transform Bernice into a modern woman worthy of the Harvey name. But when Bernice’s newfound popularity begins to rival Marjorie’s – and wins the attention of St. Paul’s #1 bachelor, Warren McIntyre – jazz and jealousy turn the world upside-down as Marjorie vows delicious revenge. [6M, 7F; no intermission]